"And - of course - pub signs began with pubs!

The Pub began centuries ago in Britain where home drinking became public drinking and when many homes had become more regular drinking homes among friends and neighbours. In the 14th Century the then monarch Richard 11 noticed this trend and decided to make these homes "public houses" . He decreed that all these public houses were required to show a public picture story sign outside and so began the world wide open air museum that exists today with picture stories related to an almost endless variety of subjects.

As time evolved the host and hostess from the “public house” became known as the landlord and landlady in the "now legalized pub”. Many thousands of pub sign names and images have been created over the years and this now famous collection of 60 original pub sign art designs include some of the most well-known popular sign names including a variety of picture story concepts providing a broad cross section of famous signs and through them a chronicle of British and Irish history."

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